Reject, Occupy, Rebuild!



Yet again at an early hour in the morning, the powers that be have shown their pretty faces.  Parti de l’Ordre, who has been trying hard to smother any hint of social autonomy before it blossoms, turned up at the occupied Caferaga neighborhood center this time. One of the unique experiments to which Gezi resistance paved the way, the center has been evacuated and its belongings expropriated, on grounds that the ownership of the building resides with the state. The “promise” made for eviction last Friday was kept without much delay.

We have seen once again that private property cannot be sustained without coercion, violence and the state. That a long-abandoned building is kept outside of private property and used as a non-commercial space of production, however small and experimental,  is  alarming enough for those in power.  Such experiments of disrupting established property regimes are indeed alarming, given that a wealth of assets arose out of the country’s history of genocide, population exchange and migration, were internalized by the capital and incorporated within the system, supervised and subsidized by the state.

They should indeed be alarmed! Caferaga squat and experiments like it burgeoned out of the seeds sown by Gezi. As we thrive and scatter, our fruits hit the ground, the cement of this city will crack.

Tonight at 19:30 we are going to be in Kadikoy with our comrades, for our comrades.

December 9, 2014

Müşterekler /Our Commons