3 best films of SrinuVaitla

If you are wondering what type of movies SrinuVaitla directs and which are the best movies of his projects till now, then you are going to get the answers now. SrinuVaitla, the famous film producer, director, and choreographer known for his exceptional contributions to Telugu cinema. Digital Native SrinuVaitlas last film was an action entertainer release Nakshatram, released two years ago. Now, film buffs are waiting eagerly for the news about the directors next hit.

Without a doubt, the multitalented SrinuVaitla is the finest director that Tollywood had produced ever. There is a list of his hit movies that are loved by everyone and have been on the list of the best movies for a long time. Most of his projects are bang right from the name, cast, and storyline.

All the films directed by this legendary director can easily be sorted out depending upon the star cast and one of a kind direction method. His projects have a realistic approach to society and the best films include but are not limited to Chakram, Venty, Ready, Gulabi, and Sontham. We are going to discuss about his top 3 most loved film projects. You can watch the Telugu movies online by clicking here.

1 Venky

Venky is a Telugu-language film released in 2004. It’s a thriller movie that roams around a tragic love story. The story begins when Venkateswarlu, an award winning teen travels to the hyberabad together with his friend. He meets Sravan in the train and falls in love with her. Sravan however is found dead. Vent and his friend decide to escape fearing trouble. However, after police search, Vent is found and arrested. The film ends as Venk tries to solve the crime and identify the real murderers.

2 Sontham

Sontham is an Indian Telugu-language comedic film. This film is about the love story of a beautiful girl named Sowmya and Vamsy. Bose falls in love with this pretty girl. However upon telling his firendNandu, the firenddoesn’t take them serious until their love affair gets stronger. Prabhas is playing the male lead role in the film while Asin and CharmyKaur have been starred in female leading stars. This film is directed and written by a famous Telugu director SrinuVaitla. Chakri composed the music of this film and cinematography is done by Ram Prasad.

3 Ready

Ready is am Indian Telugu comedy film that was released in 2008. The film is amongst the most popular films directed by SrinuVytla. With actors such as PareshRawal, Mahesh Manjrekar and AryaBabbar playing the center roles, the film revolves around Indian marriage. A determined young man takes revenge on his sister’s murder from her in-laws, who burnt her alive for the greed of dowry. After that Rama Krishna kills every man who harasses women for dowry, click here to watch now!

This film is a great milestone of SrinuVaitlas career as it portraits the realistic picture of the society and the audience can relate to it.

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