3 Items to Help Your Move

Whether you’re moving to a new home, getting rid of old furniture, or just frequently moving large items, having the right tools can make a world of difference. Below are several items that can help turn headaches and backaches into no problem for your next move!

Carts and Dollies

Adding some wheels and a solid base can do wonders eliminate the literal pain of lugging furniture and boxes down long hallways or up the street. Having a cart or Dollie with you helps tremendously to reduce the stress, hassle and weight of moving large items or boxes by smoothly bearing the heavy load for you. Many carts even have spring loaded casters to absorb any bumps along the way, helping to protect your belongings from falling away.

Zip-Ties and Bungee Cords

Even on a cart or in a tightly packed moving truck, loose items can still easily fly around. Adding zip-ties and bungee cords to your moving toolbox can help to greatly mitigate this risk. Zip-ties can help keep smaller items like hangers, cords, and even chairs together. Additionally, bungee cords can help to close overfilled boxes or to strap furniture and equipment to a truck back or bed. Both will maintain order and prevent unnecessarily lost or broken items.

Protective Materials

To best keep items both safe and unharmed, use bubble wrap, packing foam and blankets for anything even remotely at risk of damage. Taking the extra time to place foam, bubble wrap or blankets around your electronics, valuables, glassware and more can end up saving you from needing replacements down the road. Little can ruin a move like finding out your most prized possessions didn’t make the journey safely with you!

The next time you’re moving, keep these items in mind to boost your efficiency and peace of mind!

Check out the infographic below to see what kinds of difficult items you’ll need that special equipment for, and how best to pack up each one! Colorado Springs moving services

Infographic provided by iHaul iMove, a Colorado Springs moving services company

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