Badlapur- A Rising Real Estate Hub

Real estate is a very stable investment in this era, which has the potential to experience stupendous growth in the forthcoming years. It is the sector that will experience the least market swings, especially when you plan on investing in properties in Mumbai and Thane.

Among most of the lucrative real estate investment hubs of Maharashtra, Badlapur in Thane is experiencing a peaking demand among homebuyers for 1/2 BHK apartments. This place has quite a lot of things to offer to people in terms of development, tourism, infrastructure, and a lot more.

Let’s find out some of the evident reasons for what makes Badlapur an ideal hub for real estate investments.

Accessibility to Buying Affordable Homes

Badlapur is a very small city in the Thane district, which has experienced a fair pace of development around the site. Another splendid factor making it a viable option for home buyers is its close proximity to Mumbai and other neighboring cities.

It is a peaceful and quiet city, and the temperatures are fairly cooler compared to other parts of Mumbai and Thane. People who have a very tight budget, and can’t put in a big amount of money to buy a property in Mumbai, prefer moving out of the city and buying one in Badlapur. In this way, they stay close to Mumbai and also enjoy the perks of owning their own affordable property.

Hence, it is a win-win situation for the home buyer! To prove the affordability, you must know that the properties in Badlapur West are available at an average cost of Rs. 3,791 per sq. ft., and for Badlapur East, it is Rs. 4,120 per sq. ft. Thus, it is one of the biggest reasons why more and more home buyers are eyeing Badlapur, to make it the next real estate hub.

Improved Connectivity with the Nearby Localities

Why won’t the people be keen on investing in the flats for sale in Badlapur when they are extremely close to Mumbai and other rapidly developing cities nearby? Badlapur has roads and rail line connections to Mumbai, Pune, and other neighboring cities.

Kalyan railway station is the closest to Badlapur and connects the district to major cities across India. The local trains run daily from Badlapur to Mumbai and vice versa for the daily commuters. There are direct buses as well that ply frequently from & fro between Badlapur, Belapur, and Vashi.

Thus, seamless connectivity around the locality is evidently convincing the homebuyers that this city deems fit to be called home.

Upcoming Development of Physical Infrastructure

Badlapur is also a tourist attraction as it is well-known for its Gajanan Maharaj Temple, Moolgaon Khandoba Temple, and Temple of Kondeshwar. Thus, it attracts a lot of tourists, which often congests the city. Therefore, the RDA officials have planned on developing a monorail service to be constructed at the peak of 25 ft. Thus, it will carry around 100 to 200 passengers in each car. The traffic and the crowd will be well-managed to maintain the peace of the city for booming residential purchases. The property builders are also realizing the potential of this city and are working tirelessly to bring innovative and quality projects to Badlapur.


So, this is a clear understanding of how Badlapur is a thriving real estate hub that is attracting demand among  . The 1/2 BHK apartments in this city of Thane are quite affordable and have people’s attention.

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