Best Hotels with The Cheapest Price in Singapore

Imagine a vacation to Singapore, surely an expensive vacation will surely cross your mind. Especially for lodging in Singapore itself, so people often ask, can visiting Singapore get the best hotel at a low price in Singapore? The answer is, of course, you can! Like other Southeast Asian archipelagic countries, the hotels located in Singapore combine modernity, which is quite up-to-date, by upholding an appreciation of the traditions in that country.

The best hotels in Singapore are not only judged by their cheap prices, other things can also be your assessment as a visitor, such as judging based on the facilities, hotel location, services provided, food, and also many other things that can be judged.

Well, for those of you who are planning to vacation in Singapore, you don’t have to worry anymore. The reason is, there are still lots of hotels with the best service, followed by really affordable prices for non-local tourists. In this article, we round up some recommendations on the best cheap hotels in Singapore.

Beds and Dream Inn

Beds and Dreams Inn is one of the cheapest hotels, with pretty good service. This hotel is located in Clarke Quay, Singapore. In addition to cheap hotel prices, in this hotel area, you will find snacks, and also food because the Clarke Quay area is one of the budget-friendly industrial centers in Singapore.

To stay at Beds and Dream Inn, you only need to spend 39.71 Singapore Dollars, and you can stay for 2 nights at the place. Not only that, access to various sectors is quite easy because this hotel is very close to subway access.

Vintage Inn

Still in the Clarke Quay area, there is also one hotel with good service at a low price. The hotel is called the Vintage Inn. In this hotel, you can feel the sensation of a bunk bed, like you are staying in a hostel. And you only need to spend 39.71 Singapore Dollars to be able to stay for 2 nights at the Vintage Inn.

Porcelain Hotel

Porcelain Hotel is located on one of the most famous lanes, namely Chinatown. Porcelain Hotel is only 5 minutes from Chinatown MRT Station. Staying at this place, you will enjoy traditional arrangements with striking colors at the Porcelain Hotel.

Since the Porcelain Hotel is located in Chinatown, you will have easy access to enjoy the street food and also cheap shopping around that area. In Chinatown, you will easily find various dishes and cuisines around the world, such as Indian dishes, Western dishes, Turkish dishes, and many more.

The Bohemian

Shifting to the center city of Singapore, the Bohemian hotel is also one of the recommended hotels, with the best service and low prices. Because it is in the city center, to stay for 3 days, you will be charged around 67.09 Singapore Dollars. In addition to getting a comfortable place to stay, the price includes breakfast every morning, of course.

Zen Hostel Wanderloft Capsules

The next recommendation still in the center of Singapore is Zen Hostel Wanderloft Capsules. As the name suggests, this hotel carries the Capsule theme for every visitor who will spend the night in this place. For the price itself, you only need to spend 62.01 Singapore Dollars, within 3 days, with the experience of staying like sleeping in a capsule-like room.

So, the above are the cheapest hotel recommendations you can find in Singapore. So for those of you who want to enjoy a vacation in Singapore, you don’t have to stay in expensive inns. And for those of you who have an adventurous spirit, you can choose the hotels we recommended above.

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