Different types of friends: How are yours?

There can be many types of friends, but good friends there are few. Throughout our lives, we meet many people and make many friendships, but as the years go by we lose contact with one of them and meet new people.

The friendship of a person is a precious gift that life gives you and say who has a friend is a treasure. Unfortunately, sometimes we have to realize that, who we thought was our friend, was not really there when we needed it. And of course, it is in those moments of difficulty when you really realize who loves you and who will be there to help you get through the bad drink. There are different types of friends present in the world, all the types are given below.

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The types of friends there are:

But are all friends the same? The truth is that no. Below we explain the different types of friends that exist and their main characteristics.

1. A friend with right:

The friends with the right or friends with the right to rub are those friends for whom, in addition to friendship, there is physical attraction. It usually occurs between heterosexuals and homosexuals.

2. Toxic friend:

The toxic friends are those with whom there is no balance, that is, you give but they do not support you for being you tend to disappoint quite often, and notes often as they have a way somewhat “peculiar” of Understand friendship In the long run, toxic friends cause suffering. Therefore, it is better to stay away from them if you have any.

3. Intimate friend:

The intimate friend is the one with whom you can trust whatever happens and tell you your intimacies.. Thanks to the level of intimacy you have with close friends, they can be a great help when you’re having a bad time.

4. Imaginary friend:

The imaginary friend usually occurs in children and, in some cases, in people suffering from mental disorders. Children who visualize this type of friends often have emotional problems or self-esteem problems. In the case of adults, they may suffer from  schizophrenia.

5. Virtual friend:

These types of friends, virtual friends, are characterized because we know them in a virtual environment, for example, through chats, forums, social networks such as Facebook or applications such as Tinder or Badoo.

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6. False friend (or interested friend):

The false friends are characterized by being interested, either for your money, your vehicle or reason to be. . Your personalities may simply not fit and eventually become a toxic and destructive friendship.

7. Childhood friend:

The childhood friend is that friend with whom you have spent great moments since you were little. He has seen you grow and, in fact, you have grown together. The distance may separate you, but it will always be there as the first day, noting his love and attention.

8. Best friend:

The best friend is that person with whom you share absolutely everything and whom you love almost like your partner. It may have been your childhood friend or that you have met him at another time in your life, but among you there is chemistry and there is something very strong that unites you. He is like a brother to you and is present in good times and bad times.

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