Gifts your husband wants to receive this autumn and gifts he totally doesn’t

Be it your anniversary, your husband’s birthday, or even Halloween, this autumn you will definitely look for presents for your husband. While some wives want to be as original as possible and write in Notes their husband’s interests and things he mentions that he likes, others still rely on crappy presents that they buy on the way home on the day of the celebration. We really hope that you’re not the latter type, but if you are still in the need of a few gift ideas that your husband will appreciate – and a few that he totally won’t – we are here for you today.

DON’T: Tools

Your husband is more than just his job, so don’t make his present all about this. Receiving a tool, even a fancy one, would be the equivalent of him getting you a new pan for Mother’s Day. Unless you know that he could be really happy to receive a particular tool that he’s been talking about or if he specifically asked you to buy him something, don’t even think about going into the hardware store.

DO: Qualitative sweater

If there’s one thing that is universal for men, it is that they don’t like spending money on clothes and can wear the same shirt until it totally wears out. This is why this holiday season you can make him feel appreciated with a high-quality sweater that he is sure to wear for years. A knit Irish jumper would make a practical and versatile gift, and because an Irish sweater is made of merino wool, it is not only beautiful and elegant, but also very long-lasting. You can an Irish jumper for your husband online as there are various online Irish jumpers stores that sell a large selection of sweaters so you don’t have to worry about him finding our about your present.

DON’T: Best-anything cup

You’d think that the times when things like these were considered acceptable presents have long passed, but you’d be surprised to find out how many wives still purchase “Best husband” or “Best dad” mugs every year. You could prove to him that he is the best husband by showing some interest and giving him something that he truly likes instead of a lazy last-minute present from a Chinese store.

DO: Wagyu beef

Yes, this one might be totally unexpected and weird to see in a thread like this, but if you know that your husband loves grilling and BBQ, I give you my word that you will leave him speechless if you buy him some high-quality Japanese Wagyu beef. However, this gift might not be for every budget, as the prices start at $200 per pound, but if you are willing to splurge, it is definitely worth every penny.

DON’T: Gadgets

Technology isn’t necessarily a bad present, but we suggest you hold back from buying such things without consulting him first. If his phone or laptop needs to be changed, don’t rush to the nearest store and get another one.  Maybe your husband wants to upgrade his phone from an Android to an iPhone or maybe he has a specific gadget in mind that he’s been saving up for for months.

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