How to Avoid Plagiarism While Writing Thesis

It is essential to prevent plagiarism when writing a thesis. Plagiarism is considered fraud. It is considered plagiarism if you do not give credit to the source. Prevention of plagiarism is very important. We will explain in three steps why you should never again commit plagiarism.

Save the source

Using the source in the running text

Using a Reference List

Other tips to avoid plagiarism


Save the source

You should keep a file of all sources you use when writing your thesis. Every article, web site, conversation, or book you read should be saved immediately as a source. This prevents you forgetting the source of the text or not being able find it anymore. It is important to question any information that was used in creating the text. This is a crucial step in preventing plagiarism.

The source should be used in the running text

You should cite a source if you intend to include it in your text. For example, you could cite the source by inserting the last name followed by the year in parenthesis after the text. It is important to make it clear that your text was based on the source. Check your written work several times, and make sure you look closely for any information that is not derived from sources.

Use a reference listing

Your thesis should contain a list of all the sources you used. This section has different reference styles that will allow you to correctly note it. Does your school require the APA format? We have written a blog earlier about this. Here are all the sources that you may have used in the past. Note that personal communication is not included. This information should be processed in the attached text or attachment, with the indication “personal communications”.

Additional tips on Paraphrasing and other useful tools

Is it difficult to decide whether a source should be used for a specific piece of text or not? It is better to identify the source when in doubt. It is impossible to use resources enough often. It increases the credibility and reliability of your thesis. Writing conclusions is more powerful if they can be backed up with sources.

In the appendix, include a personal message as an interview. This document is helpful to prove that you sent the communication. It is not listed in the source list. Interviews allow you to read the communication.

You may accidentally commit plagiarism. Want to be sure this is not happening? You can then run the plagiarism test of Scribbr to find out within 10 minutes whether your piece contains plagiarism. You don’t want to spend any money. We found a free to perform paraphrasing online for you. It will modify the blue text and you can then hit paraphrase. This would prevent you from being accused of plagiarism.


We wish all of you success with your thesis writing endeavors! Do you need extra help? Online consultants are available to assist you in your work. They can provide proofreading services or paraphrasing services. You want to avoid plagiarism in your thesis.

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