Link Building Techniques used by SEO Professionals

The Link Building is a technique that any Web has to take into account. In SEO not everything goes and, contrary to what many think, SEO is not just Link Building and content.

Search Engine Optimization is more, we must take into account factors such as architecture web, usability, taxonomies, folksonomies, loading speed of the web, right choice of keywords most profitable for your business (for this I recommend SEMrush ) etc.

But it is also true that link building is very important and today it is still a key factor when it comes to having a good volume of visits to your Web project. In fact, if your web project does not have a good link profile, it will hardly be in the first positions for the most important keywords of your business.

Many of us think that the best SEOs are always Non-Spanish speaking professionals, a statement that I will never agree with, and reading Chuiso’s article I further reaffirm my refusal to think that the best is always from the outside.

This is the reason why I have decided to write this article where I have wanted to have some of the best SEO forums and SEO Experts that I know and I am sure that they have Link Building techniques that will contribute more than what can be read in Matthew’s article.

Before starting with the techniques that I have recapitulated, I leave you a correct definition of what Link Building is:

What is Link Building?

According to Wikipedia: link building is one of the SEO strategies that consists of getting other web pages to link to the page you are interested in, that the search engines consider relevant and better position in their Rankings.

The technique can be done naturally, when other websites link without prior agreement for some fact or saying, or artificially, when it is simulated that the links have been achieved naturally. ”

Now yes, I leave you with the link building techniques that I have recapitulated.

Link Building techniques used by SEO Professionals

Javier Gosende | Web:

Consultant and trainer in online marketing and SEO with more than 10 years of experience. Author of the white book on the web entrepreneur, search engine positioning and online marketing book with the Anaya publishing house. Coordinator of the Digital Marketing Master of Fundesem Business School in Alicante.

Technique: Question + Links from Forums of web subjects:

Following a seo link audit I did a long time ago I discovered a good opportunity to get links from authoritative websites.

The technique consists of:

Create a user in public forums of web themes or content managers in Spanish and English such as the joomla forum, opencart forum, virtuemart forum, fotoweb, etc.

Put a post of the type: «I have a question, I would like to program on my website an xyz functionality that does what this page has for example http: // www. ». Does anyone know how to do it?”

In this case we put a link to an internal page of our web project so that they receive the authority juice.

Obviously this link has to be dofollow (previously you have to verify that the forum lets you put dofollow links in the body of the posts).

The forums on web topics and the official forums on content managers have a very high authority since they receive many links. Links in the body of a message in the forum are not penalized. What penalizes are the links in the signature of the forum user. (Like everything… it should not be abused to make it as natural as possible).

Navar Alex Navarro | Web:

Alex Navarro, from the Blog Vivir de la Red and co-founder of Quondos and Ranking Bull. SEO and Affiliate Marketing Expert. To date, he has created more than 300 Blogs and has done all kinds of tests to decipher the almighty Google.

The first thing I usually do for a project is create 5 social media accounts (Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, Twitter and G+) and link several of them together. These links that you then put to your project from there are NoFollow, but they transfer a good chunk of authority to your website.

Once created, I use my PBNs (blog networks) to link those 5 accounts and upload the PA (Page authority). Thus they not only have a very high DA (Domain authority), but also a high PA.

This gives the linked page an interesting boost, in addition to sending signals to Google that our project is serious. A spam project does not normally take the time to create these types of accounts (and leave them moderately presentable at the design and content level).

The articles that then link these 5 accounts from the PBNs, in turn I share them a lot for different social network accounts (with automated real account programs) to give even more authority to the outgoing links. This, let’s say, is my initial foundation for any new project.

Alvaro Sáez | Web: creator, SEOplatinum teacher and online entrepreneur. Freelance in nature, Chuiso is known for his hands-on approach to the world of Black Hat.

About the link building technique, what is working best for me now is to get links for Tier 1 by creating automated 2.0 blogs. If you are able to generate a good semi-manual spin and use good percentages of anchor texts, Google eats those links with potatoes, and even values ​​it as quality content. And by this I mean that I have several blogs with a Tier 1 like this and Penguin has not affected me in any.

Wikis, automated profiles on forums, trackbacks and bookmarks are trash that I no longer recommend in a Tier 1, but they are good meat to feed Tier 1 blogging 2.0.

The key is to generate automatic content but that Google “swallows”, take care of the anchor texts and monitor the progression in the acquisition of links. With these guidelines and doing things well, we continue to rank with automatic programs .

Mario Armenta | Web:

CEO of Publuisites and other Online businesses. Full-time entrepreneur and that according to him, he likes to do a lot with little or what is the same to optimize, in everything.

One of the most effective ways we have to find quality media in Publisuites is by searching with Ahrefs and its Content Explorer section.

For example, to find quality UK sites that talk about marketing, what we do is put a footprint like « Site: uk AND title =» Marketing ». They are then filtered by DR greater than 30.

So we can export a list of quality sites and will give us specifically a url of the content of the web, so we can access them more easily by indicating something in plan.

«I am a copywriter specialized in your subject matter (giving information about your experience and work) and I collaborate with many media (name a few media) providing value through quality content.

Searching I have seen your post [url of the post that Ahrefs Content Explorer gives you] and I found it very good.

I wanted to know if I could collaborate with your website eventually, so I could send you quality articles and interest for your readers and you will win quality content.

(We in this last part ask the price for a sponsored post directly, since in our cases we market them. But if they are for your own projects and you don’t want to pay, you can offer them quality texts in exchange for putting some link)».

This is just an example but developing it, the% of success we achieve is 10-15%.

Sergio Simarro | Web:

SEO expert specialized in the travel sector. He has worked in car rental portals, hotels and portals of tourist destinations. Since 2000 he has worked in search engine optimization.

One thing that I like is to scour the blogs of competitors or companies that do the same as you and that are not direct competition with screaming frogs. Especially blogs that publish content that links to external sources.

The objective is to detect broken links and contact the webmaster offering an alternative. Of course it will not link to a competitor, but it can link to a domain that you have to add value and, after a while, edit the linked content, now pointing to the Web you want.

Shahid Maqbool | Web:

Marketing Consultant Shahid combines one of his projects, digital marketing, with other projects of his own and for clients.

Set up a bloggers event: gather the best bloggers and pages on your topic and propose an interesting day for them. You have to work a bit and they must be the protagonists. If you surprise them and create a common project they will surely write about the day (and link you).

Take social actions: we at Digital Marketing manage a social action project with our alumni, and together we give a free Community Manager Course for disabled people. We would never have imagined it, but the links that have reached us are very interesting, with some edu domain and some Foundation and a half.

Set up a free workshop: helping companies in your sector can be VERY beneficial. Even your competition. How? Help me to my competition? Yes! Organize a specialized course, solve the problems of the sector, present a great study of the subject or a group day of talks and learning among all.

We at CM Classroom do free workshops for large companies. We look for very specific topics of a certain type of company and we call on 2 or 3 people from their team. We give them some resources from each company that they then usually publish on their page and link to us.

Create a collaborative post: make a post like this one involving many companies or bloggers. For the participants to finish linking you need 3 things: that the result is a very powerful content, that the selection of participants is homogeneous and well chosen, and that you leave them in good place and they appear well in the photo.

You would be surprised how many links I have lost for putting the wrong photo. The best thing is to ask that they send it to you, as Luis does who is a crack.

Give offline: Don’t forget about offline. For a sports company we made some posters that we sent more than 150 sports teams. In each of them we put 10 reasons to be from that team.

She also gave us a lot of play on Twitter asking the fans of each team their reason for being from the team of their loves. We also sent them the digital image, which practically all posted on their social networks and more than half posted it on their website.

Almost 30% of them linked to the brand’s website, about 50 links. And the brand logo will still be on many walls.

Offer yourself to the media: Write to the media where you could collaborate and offer yourself. Televisions, online newspapers, radios, YouTube channels, hangout projects, webinar projects, courses, conferences… You will see that it is much easier than it seems if you offer good material or a well-studied opinion on this topic.

And you can write to them (all at once) when you detect that there is a novelty or recent news that works for them. As an expert in your field, you will surely detect new trends and situations before they become news in most media.

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