Movie Ticket Booking: the unwritten rules for a better experience

Performing any tasks online requires that the person undertaking the tasks is aware about the dos and don’ts of the task and related activities.

The first thing while getting your movie tickets bookings done online is the selection of the site or App for carrying out the activity. You need to choose an aggregator who is a specialist in the particular area. There are many such online portals and Apps that facilitate online movie ticket bookings – however, since you would want to have a smooth booking experience without any hitch or glitch, it is advisable to go ahead with the one that has been operating in the particular field for sometime – one that has built a reputation of providing fast and safe services. Paytm, MobiKwik and PhonePe are some of the names to reckon with in this industry and you can surely try them out.

The second important thing to do after having chosen the site or App is to register with the particular retailer. The advantage of registering is that your booking history will be maintained and at any point in time you need to refer back, you can easily check back. The other benefit of registering is that your mobile number and email id is saved with the App or the site. As soon as you make your payments against the bookings, you will be sent a SMS and an email to your registered number and email id respectively. Also registered users have an automatic advantage vis-a-vis the others because all special offers, reviews and other promotional deals are informed to the registered customers on a preferential basis.

Registered customers can save their payment mode and details so that the payment happens much faster. The tickets, that have been booked, can be collected anytime before the start of the show. While collecting the e-tickets, you need to ensure the following: –

  • If you have made your payments using a credit or debit card, then you need to carry the card that was used for making the payment during movie ticket
  • In case of booking through Netbanking, a copy of the confirmation email or SMS needs to be carried along with an original photo ID of the one who has made the payments.
  • These bookings need to be collected from the cinema box office or automated kiosks.
  • It is typically essential that the person who has made the booking needs to collect the tickets. However, in rare situations only the tickets are handed over to another person. In such situations, the person needs to carry a signed photocopy of the front and the back side of your card along with the confirmation email or SMS details.
  • The tickets can be collected at any time before the start of the show.

While making movie tickets online, it is important to remember that once the tickets have been booked, it is deemed as sold and hence cannot be revised or cancelled.

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