Staircase chandeliers: The ultimate guide to choosing the perfect option

Chandeliers are an interesting and fun light source to install on tour stairs. You have numerous chandelier styles and designs to choose from when considering this important piece of lighting. We have numerous chandelier styles that continue to evolve as time moves on. While most people prefer to have their chandeliers gracefully hanging in their bedrooms or living rooms, it is not unusual to have them in your staircase as well. For the best impression, you will need to know how to choose staircase chandeliers.

The ultimate guide to choosing a staircase chandelier

You have invested so much effort in building your home. You do not want to ruin it with a weird looking light fixture. The following guide helps you make a good decision.

What do you need from a chandelier?

Chandeliers add various effects to the home and the staircase as well. It can be the focal point of your staircase, can be used to “wow” your guests, or could be a subtle complement to the style of your staircase. Some homeowners think the chandelier accents the home design while other people see it as a timeless interior décor collection. To start shopping for one, you need to get your priorities right.

What is your style?

There are available chandeliers that can fit all home aesthetics. You will need to examine your staircase area and see how you can define your style. By style, you could opt to choose an industrial, ornate, traditional, or modern chandelier design to add the needed feel to your home.

Choose the focus point of your chandelier lighting

If you know how to choose staircase chandeliers, you will know that picking one goes beyond making choices based on its designs. You will still have to consider the lighting function too. There are different unique chandelier designs and they all illuminate your home in different ways. This information should help you make an informed decision when shopping for your staircase chandelier. At this point, you can choose whether you want the light to spread towards different locations or create a more focused spotlight. However, since you are considering a step area, you might want to choose a chandelier that provides a bright light that is evenly distributed to help enhance the safety features of the step.

How is your staircase designed?

How your staircase was designed will play a primary role in helping you decide what chandeliers to buy for your staircase. There are various types of staircases used in modern buildings. No two houses have the same staircase designs, therefore you will need to evaluate the unique design of your staircase. Staircases with open areas and double room volumes will be good for those vertical chandeliers with long drops. However, a staircase with a landing will only accept shallow chandeliers.

Matching the chandelier design to your bannister

When shopping for new chandeliers, you have so many options that you tend to struggle with which option to use. Just in case you do not know what chandelier fits the aesthetic of your staircase, you can try getting one that comes with similar material as your staircase.

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