The 5 Key Mistakes In Creating And Maintaining A Professional Website

Handling a project to create or update a web page is more complicated than it seems. 

Sometimes, because the objectives are not clearly defined from the beginning because there are subsequent maintenance problems, everything can negatively affect the success of a website.

Here are the main errors that you can avoid before they occur:

1. Non-Trained Personnel Are Assigned To Maintain The Contents Of The Web.

We have seen it on many occasions. We visit a web page in which suddenly there are elements that do not finish marrying the rest and that have usually been uploaded after the launch. 

When you analyze a little, you see that they have not assigned the styles of the CSS stylesheet that the element needs or that the element is badly formed in HTML or other errors produced by lack of knowledge.

It is clear that CMS can maintain a website but if you want to have a quality website you must train people or hire SEO Expert to carry out the maintenance of certain basic HTML knowledge that allows them to recognize that something is not well-formed or be able to see the CSS and assign the appropriate ones for each moment.

With the aim that quality is not lost and the web portal remains professional.

2. Focuses On The Organization And Loses Focus On What Really Interests The Customer

A mistake is to focus on listing all the characteristics of the product and forgetting what the customer wants, how your product will help them, or how it will solve the problem. This is how they really connect with them.

Amazon does very well on its Kindle sales pages. Instead of telling you the characteristics of its ebook (which appear at the end), it focuses on the emotional message to connect with the potential customer with prominent phrases like these:

  • The best companion for lovers of reading
  • Never without your book
  • Fewer distractions, more reading

3. Usability Is Not Taken Into Account

We have seen on numerous occasions that usability is essential for the success of a digital marketing agency web portal. What may be clear to us, may not be clear to users who do not belong to our organization.

Even on pages of large organizations that have many resources. Sometimes we do not find what we need and it becomes tedious to find the information or finalize the purchase, for example. 

Not all of us are Apple and we have its resources to be able to analyze users’ browsing and purchasing patterns but SEO Company can analyze the statistical data within our possibilities to check how users browse, detect patterns and possible problems, or test the application with outside users to check the actual usability.

And if you have resources, of course, carry out an in-depth usability analysis.

4. Give Priority To Design Over Content

If it is a new page or when the people in charge of the development of the SEO Community web are very concerned about the image, the focus on the content of the image is often lost. 

In the development phase, there may be resources dedicated to creating quality photos or purchasing graphic assets that will be difficult to maintain later. 

It will be necessary to see the budget that will be dedicated during the maintenance of these designs since there can be no graphic differences between the initial and later contents.

For example, beautiful banners are designed for the web, you have to ask yourself if we are going to continue with the designers and dedicate resources if we have someone among our staff who can take care of this design without loss of quality when new banners or icons are needed for new content.

5. Little Update Of The News Section

You enter a website and you see that the last news published is from a year ago, the first thing you ask yourself is, is this company still active or is it no longer active?

If you have a news section or blog, remember that you must allocate the necessary resources to update it. This is a big mistake, if it is not updated it is better to delete this section, so, not to give an outdated image.

If you manage to avoid all these mistakes, the path to the success of your website will be easier.

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