Tips To Add an Indian Element In Your Home Décor

You should consider choosing a theme for your home interior design. Choosing a theme gives your interiors a more appealing look. This is because all the elements seem in harmony and completely balanced as they all focus on one central theme. There are many different home interior design themes you can consider for your home. You can choose any option depending on your preferences. If you want an Indian home interior design, you can hire an interior design service provider for the same as well.

If you are fond of Indian culture and heritage, an Indian theme home interior design is perfect. It features various patterns and colours, and gives your home a vibrant and warm look. Here are a few tips that will help to create the ideal Indian home interior design for yourself:

01 of 04 Colours

Colours are one of the main interior design elements that require your attention. You will carefully have to pick the colours for your interior decoration so that your home has an Indian look. You can do this by choosing bright and bold colours. A few common bright shades you will popularly notice in traditional Indian home interiors are blue, red, yellow, and green. You will find lots of variants of them. Limiting yourself to just black and white should be avoided. This will make the interiors brighter and more vibrant.

If you want to give the space a simple traditional look, look for accessories in khaadis, beiges, creams, and whites. They will make the interiors appear bright as well. Also, do not leave the walls completely empty after painting. Hang radiant tapestries and traditional artwork. By adding pops of colours everywhere, you will be able to give it a fun and bright decoration.

02 of 04 Add prints and textures

The textile industry of India has always been quite popular because of its prints and textures. You can consider adding these prints and textures all over your house to give your interiors an Indian theme. Finding fabrics with prints and designs inspired by Indian culture is not difficult. You will easily get lots of options available in the market. Some of the most popular fabrics featured in Indian theme homes are cotton, silk, linen, and khadi. Although you can find plain options, consider sticking to fabrics featuring prints to create an Indian home decoration. Khari prints, Ajrakh prints, ikkat prints, and kalamkari are a few popular print options.

With all that being said, you must remember creating an Indian home decoration does not mean only adding lots of fabrics featuring patterns. If you overdo it, your room interiors will appear overwhelming. The trick is to find the right balance. If you are not sure how to do it, you can hire a professional interior design service provider to perform the task for you. They will help you create the ideal home.

03 of 04 Lamps and diyas

One of the biggest festivals celebrated in India is Diwali. It is the festival of light where people light lamps and diyas in their houses. Hence, they are an integral part of Indian culture and heritage. You can consider introducing them to your home interior decoration for an Indian theme. They will elevate the aesthetic beauty of the space besides lighting up the space.

You can mostly find them in pooja rooms made of brass. People create beautiful pooja rooms using them in different ways. Besides placing one in front of the idols, you can hang a few from the ceiling for a stunning look. Moreover, you can take them outside your pooja room. There are lots of lighting fixtures available shaped like diyas. These diyas can be installed anywhere in your home for lighting up the space while giving it an Indian touch.

04 of 04 Add touches of green

A popular interior design element of Indian homes is a plant. These can be added to all the rooms including your bedroom, bathroom, and even the kitchen. According to interior design service providers, there are plenty of benefits to adding them to the interiors. One of the biggest benefits is that it creates an eco-friendly home interior design. Also, your home interiors will feel refreshing as they will purify the air. Further, they will make your home appear greener. Staying close to greenery makes people feel calm and relaxed.

Plants can elevate the aesthetic beauty of your Indian home decor as well. You will be able to add patches of green to various places in the homes. Also, they will add organic shapes to your decoration and add more visual interest. You can use them to fill all your empty spaces as well. Just make sure that you choose plants for Indian home decoration that do not require a lot of maintenance.

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