Types of Modular Kitchen Designs

Designing your modular kitchen is not an easy task. Besides investing a lot of money, you have to plan it thoroughly as well. One of the first things that you have to consider while designing the modular kitchen is its layout. The shape of the kitchen plays a huge role in enhancing its aesthetic appeal and increasing its functionality. By choosing the right kitchen shape, you can use the free space more efficiently and create more storage space in the kitchen as well. You may not need the extra storage space now but it will prove to be useful in the future as people keep adding more and more elements to the kitchen design over time. Also, each and every element in the kitchen should be positioned very strategically. For instance, you must keep in mind at all times that the sink should be installed near a water outlet. If you are not aware of the various modular kitchen interior designs available in hand, here are a few you can choose from:

01 of 05 The L shaped kitchen design

In most home designs, you will notice an L-shaped kitchen design. One of the biggest reasons behind its immense popularity is that L-shaped kitchens are ideal for smaller homes. They make the most of the available free space and allow you to incorporate as many elements as possible. Besides adding more storage, you can consider adding a small dining table or kitchen island in your L-shaped kitchen as well.

02 of 05 A straight modular kitchen design

Most modular kitchen designs follow the golden triangle rule. However, that is not the case with straight modular kitchen designs. In these kitchens, the workflow is based on a straight line. Mostly, this type of kitchen design is used in studio or loft apartments as it occupies very little space while allowing you to work freely inside the kitchen.

03 of 05 U shaped modular kitchen design

If you have sufficient space available in your home, you can consider opting for a U-shaped modular kitchen. This is because they tend to consume more space than other kitchen designs. However, it provides the most efficient work triangle that can make working in the kitchen really convenient and allows you to add more storage in the kitchen design. From upper cabinets, lower cabinets to tall units, you can add various types of storage options. Sufficient counter space is available in this type of kitchen design as well.

04 of 05 A gallery or parallel shaped kitchen design

The gallery or parallel-shaped kitchen is used in many homes and considered one of the most efficient kitchen layouts for your home. It features two working areas that are long and face each other. If you want, you can divide them into two sections, the ‘wet’ section and the ‘dry’ section. Besides offering sufficient storage space, you get plenty of counter space to work and free space to move freely. This kitchen design can be used in various types of home designs.

05 of 05 Island modular kitchen design

Getting an island kitchen is a dream come true for many people. This kitchen design appears very pleasing and is perfect for modern setups. This type of kitchen design features either a combination of a straight line kitchen design and an unconnected island space or an L-shaped kitchen and an unconnected island space. You can use this kitchen island for various purposes like serving food, storing items, or installing any kitchen appliance. The sink can be installed on the kitchen island as well. If you want an open home design, the two opposing working areas are perfect for the setup. Although this kitchen design is one of the best options available in hand, you must always keep in mind that it occupies a lot of space and is more suitable for large homes. Incorporating this kitchen design in small home designs may not be feasible.

While choosing the kitchen design, you must ensure that it satiates all your needs. Also, make sure your modular kitchen interior design is complementing the rest of the home decor.

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