W-Home Best Home Care Product Collection

Home care industry is experiencing many changes from the past couple of years to make you home a healthy place to stay. According to analysis, most of the aged population loved to stay at home in United States. That is because changes in health and mobility. Home care products providers are stepped in this challenge to provide best home cleansing products.

These services include providing best kitchen cleaners or dish washers for good health, other housekeeping products and insecticides. There are many brands name rising in this industry and W-Home is one of these. W-Home products collection is best in quality. They provide customer satisfaction and best return and refund policies for their products. It is the brand of WBM International.

W-Home is offering multiple product range to care your home. Here take a look at W-Home categories.

  1. W-Home Insects Repellent Products.
  2. W-Home Home Cleaning Tools.
  3. W-Home Kitchen Cleaning Tools.
  4. W-Home Laundry Detergents.


  • W-Home Insect Repellents Products:

If you want to secure your house from creepy mosquitoes, bugs, insects then w-home mosquito repellent collection is best for you. They are using plant based mosquito repellent formula that is safe for human but killer for mosquitoes. This range includes:

Electric Mosquito Swatters:It helps to kill mosquitoes, flies and spider instantly on contact. Just press the activation button, and let swatter work. Its triple layer mesh protects the user from any kind of injury. This product is free from any toxic or chemical additive. Just charge it when required.

Mosquito repellent bracelets, buckles and watches:Using these products will help to repel mosquitoes in easy and harmless way. These mosquito repellent bracelets includes natural essential oils like jasmine, lavender and lemon grass that repels them in natural way. These products are safe for kids and babies and especially designed for them.Use mosquito repellent patches for your infants to keep mosquitoes away.

Liquid Repellents:W-Home flying insect repellents provides effective protection from mosquitoes, biting flies, chiggers and gnats. Just plug it into the switch and let it work. It is available in 4 amazing scents that are: Jasmine, rose, Lavender and lemon.

Mosquito repellent Mats: W-Home mosquito repellent mats are efficient and durable. One mat can be used for 10 straight hours. It is also infused with plant based repellents that why it provide fresh and soft scent. It is quite easy to use, just take a mat and put it on the heater or metallic sheet. Connect it with the socket and let it work.

Mosquito repellent Coils:W-home mosquito repellent coils are also infused with plants. The scent of the burning coil will the         annoying mosquitoes away. Use it with care and wash your hand after touching the coil. These coils are also available in amazing scents like sandalwood.

W-Home Insects Glue Trap:This product is professional aphid killer. It will work continuously without spraying and providing a visible monitor of the build-up of insect population. It is suitable to place on floor, in windows or anywhere you want. It’s the best insect glue trap to grab the insects. It is free from chemicals and scents.

  • W-Home Cleaning Tools:

W-Home is offering many home cleaning tools that are made of superior quality. This range includes many products like: microfiber duster with extension, Broom Brush and Dust Pan Set, carpet Cleaning Broom Brush, outdoor cleaning broom, floor cleaning broom, windows squeegee and much more.

Microfiber Dusters: These are the best tools to clean your doors, windows, couch or sofa. These dusters hold dust and spider webs easily. These dusters have ergonomic telescopic handles so they are pretty comfortable to use.

Cleaning Brooms:W-Home is offering multiple cleaning brooms to that you can clean any part of your home with ease.Like a dust pan and broom is perfect for cleaning. It stiff bristles can help to clean stubborn stains very quickly. They are quite easy to grip.

Other indoor and outdoor cleaning brushes have easy to use handles. Use according to the cleaning area and brooms design. Use carpet broom brush for carpeted places.

Windows squeegee:Our window squeegee is highly efficient to clean glass, windows, bath tubs or smooth and flat tiles. These are made with high quality material. It is lightweight and portable that allows easy cleaning. Its rubber blade can clean and wipe in just one simple touch.

Floor Brushes:when it comes to remove stains from floor, W-home floor brush with handle serves you the best. It is multi-purpose brush that can easily remove stubborn stains. It comes with the soft grip contoured handles to protect your hands from hurting. You can use them for floors and workshops or wherever it is required.

  • W-Home Kitchen cleaning Tools:

W-Home offers multiple products for kitchen cleaning like dishwashes, dish washing liquid gels, sponges and brushes to clean the utensils with ease.

W-Home Dish Wash: w-home offers the best dish wash that are imposed of plants and gel based formula. These dish wash can keep your dishes neat and free from germs. Its ultra-concentrated formula will clean effectively even with few drops. Gentle on skin but quite tough on grease and mess.  It is available in 4 amazing scents:

  • W-Home Aloe and Jasmine Dish Wash.
  • W-Home Blood orange Dish Wash
  • W-Home Lemon and Green tea Dish Wash
  • W-Home Coconut Dish Wash

W-Home Dish Wash Gels Refills:These dish wash gels are available in 2 delicate smells that are blood orange and lemon & green tea. It is designed to provide efficient cleaning of all kitchen utensils. Quickly dissolves in water and provide powerful degreasing. Made with eco-friendly formula that is gentle on skin as well.

W-HomeSponge Scourers:These sponge scourer are best to wash all types of utensils easily. These are easy to use, strong and long lasting. Made with anti-grease technology that can stay clean for long time. Moreover, these are designed with contoured nail guards to improve grip and prevent hands and nail damage.

W-Home Dish Brushes:w-home brushes are designed economically to fit tight corners and edges of the utensils. Their necks can easily reach to the every area of the utensils and provide good scrubbing. The high quality bristles clean the utensils without scratching. W-home bottle brushes are designed to clean any type of bottles with narrow openings. Their long handles can be gripped easily and provide effective cleaning.

  • W-Home Laundry Detergent:

W-home laundry detergents include best laundry detergents. This liquid laundry detergent are made using plant based formula. W-home detergent is formulated with 3 in 1 technology that is: stain remover, color renew and long lasting.

This detergent help to protect your clothes from shrinking and stretching. It doesn’t fade their bright colors and keep them new. It is absolutely free from fluorescent and harsh chemicals.  It is quite safe to use at any temperature, in any washing machine. It is tough on stains and leaves your clothes smelling good.

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