What are the different types of treatment for anxiety disorder

At first, you need to know, anxiety and anxiety disorders are not the same. Anxiety us just another name of excessive. The incident is over which you were fearing from, your anxiety may be gone. As an example, you may feel anxious when your aeroplane going through air-pockets. But when it is over you are fine again. Your heartbeat will increase and you will be sweating a lot. These are the problems, people with anxiety, usually faces. But that is only when he or she is facing his fear.

But Anxiety becomes a problem when it becomes unmanageable. It comes unexpectedly. Usually, it comes from overstressing, tension and excessive worry.  Most of the suicidal thoughts come during anxiety disorders. People feel ‘trapped’ in a fake reality during this time.

So Anxiety and Anxiety disorders are very different from each other.


The first thing people should do when they start suffering from anxiety disorders is to start counselling. A special professional counselling train is available there named Cognitive-behavioral therapy or CBT.  You will start thinking about staying in reality. You will learn how to keep control your emotions, thoughts. It is not a long term process but you have to practice this after the treatment also.



Many antidepressants are there to solve the anxiety problem. Like escitalopram, fluoxetine, epilepsy and low dose antipsychotic drugs like alprazolam, clonazepam. Etilaam generic pills ia best option for anxiety treatment.

 There are four types of anxiety disorders

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Social Anxiety,SeparationAnxiety,Phobia, Post-traumatic stress. Low dose medicines are usually prescribed for GAD.

Anxiety disorders come along with lots of other diseases. Because during this time, body losses a big amount of immune power. And your body becomes weak. That is why diseases can attack your body easily. Most of the time, the diseases are the results of anxiety disorders. Here are the lists of diseases

  • Headache: In Case of short term Anxiety headache is not a permanent disease. But unfortunately just opposite incident happens if we suffer long term Anxiety.
  • Insomnia: Overthinking and unnecessary tension are one of the symptoms of Anxiety as well as trigger cause of Sleeplessness or Insomnia.
  • Panic Attacks: the Panic attack is a sudden reaction of pre-received threat. We suddenly feel excessive and intense fear which creates some disorders in our body.
  • Chest pain: As a symptom of anxiety we feel chest tightness and chest pain. Because of disorders in the respiratory system.
  • Asthma: Asthma can be long term as well as short term effect of Anxiety. Asthma is basically shortness of breath, noisy breath and dry coughing. Asthma can be caused by other issues like catching a cold but Anxiety is root cause Asthma.
  • Genetic traits: Anxiety can be transmitted through DNA. It is only applicable incase of long term anxiety.
  • Trauma: Anxiety makes you overthink everything. So if you have a fear of something, Anxiety transforms that fear into intense and extreme fear, which leads yours to trauma. And trauma can be so worst that it may become the most bitter experiences in our life.
  • Depression: Teenagers suffers from depression the most. While being depressed, they lost interest to live their life happily. They face extreme sorrow. And it’s root cause is Anxiety.
  • Diabetes: Diabetes does not have any direct connection with Anxiety. But Anxiety is another form of unnecessary and extra tension and tension can be a reason why someone’s diabetes rate is increasing.

So you should start your treatment by treating these underlying diseases. Other than that, you need to take care of yourself. A proper self-care routine may be provided by your therapist, follow that. In case if oral medicines, a lot of anti-anxiety medicines are available there. But try to avoid those as much as possible because those medicines contain harmful drugs which may cause several side effects.


A mental health specialist will guide you and train you to control the symptoms of anxiety disorders. You need to visit your therapist regularly. He or she may change your routine on the basis of your situation.

He may ask you to share your problems, your thinking, each and every detail with him and you may learn and understand how to deal with your anxiety.


Self-help will stay constant with your medication and therapy. It will improve your health and your quality of lifestyle.

  • No matter where you are, just try to focus on what you are seeing or tasting right now. It will help you to bring back your focus in reality from the negative world.
  • Take big belly breaths when you are feeling extremely anxious. Just put one hand on your chest and the other on your stomach. Inhale slowly through your nose as your stomach expands, then exhale through pursed lips as your stomach falls.
  • Don’t give anxiety so much importance that it starts controlling your behaviours. Just accept that you are suffering from anxiety.
  • Share your behaviours,what you are thinking, exactly what happens with you when you are feeling anxious, with someone you trust. Sharing things is always a good idea when you are feeling heavy by your thoughts.
  • Write down all your negative thoughts and spend some time with yourself reassuring yourself that they are only your negative thoughts, not reality If anyone can convince you it is you.
  • Try to think in a problem-solving way, not in an anxious way. If you continue thinking in the way where your anxiety is leading you, then nobody can help you. No matter what others are saying you to convince you, your anxiety will filter them and turn them into negative thoughts. Just think of anxiety-like a pause button of your life which can be resumed only by you.

As anxiety disorders are mental health problems, psychological therapies are the best treatment for you. Taking of antidepressant pills for a long time may cause a heart attack or stroke, whenever you’ll feel a little bit of excitement. So stay away from drugs as much as possible.

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