Which vacuum cleaner is better: Roomba e5 vs. Roomba 960

With the latest Roomba vacuum cleaner, it is quite tough to choose a pick as to which one is the better option. Although both of them are great at their individual price points but they immensely vary due to their distinguishing features. Following is a detailed analysis of the two models:

Battery life

In a comparison of battery life between Roomba e5 vs 960, it is quite evident that e5 wins the race with its3300mAh battery. With a run time of 90 minutes, it has an impressive running performance as well. In comparison, the 960 only has 2600mAh which can support up to 75 minutes.

Navigation efficiency

The basic problem with e5 is that it is not quipped with camera sensors. What this means for us is that when it can see and detect objects in front and around itself, it would keep moving in a random order. Thus, bumping around the house until its battery wither runs out or it has covered every spot in the house. This is the point where960 stands a better ground than e5. It is equipped with camera sensors which makes its navigation much more efficient and less time consuming.

Resuming capability

Another impressive feature of Roomba 960 is that it can actually resume from where ti left off after it has finished recharging itself. In simple words, when both the devices have exhausted their battery power and are below 15%, they will automatically return to their charging spots ont heir own. When they are recharged and have to resume the cleaning, e5 wouldn’t know where to resume from as it does not store a specific floor plan of your house. 960 actually can resume its work form where ti left off and has the ability to store the accurate floor plan.


Both the devices, 960 and e5 have similar controls and are pretty good at it. There are primarily three types of methods to control the robot: mobile, local and voice. Local means handling the robot device with the help of buttons while mobile could mean using an application to guide the robot and instruct it. Voice type is as the name suggests a form of voice command for the robot.

Collection bin

The robots’ task is to collect dusk and debris from your house floor. To perform that task they need to have a bin where they can store the dirt they pick up as they go. This particular bin is called collection bin of vacuum cleaners. There is difference of collection bin size in e5 and 960 of 0.2L. Although this is not a big difference but depending on the type of debris found in your home usually it can surely make a difference.

Vacuum cleaning robots are built smart to keep your house clean and sparkly at all times. They charge themselves on their own so you don’t have to worry about running around to charge them time to time.

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