Why it is beneficial to learn Microsoft Excel?

On this planet, Microsoft Excel is one of the widespread application techniques used. In fact, for anyone who is aware of how to use it, there are a series of benefits. Various tutorials on excel are available that provide you with a cutting edge in the competitive world of today. For someone who is looking to be aware of how to use it, there is a lot of help available on the online platform. Below are some of the benefits of Excel that you need to be aware of before you take the leap ahead

  • An ideal way to store your data- even if you are not using any of the options or tools that excel offers, it is one of the better ways to store data. The reason is that Excel is an application that is used by millions of people all over the world.So, the moment you store data in Excel and share it with others it would be easily accessible.
  • Calculations can be performed easily- One of the main reasons why excel is the best application on this planet is that it can perform calculations easily. In Excel, you are bound to have a set of functions that you may use for the calculations. It is available in the form of a pre-determined formula that is going to provide you with a definite calculation based on the values that you input. In addition, you can go on to develop your own formulas where you combine a couple of functions. By using operators’ calculations can also be performed with relative ease.
  • The necessary tools for data interpretation is provided- The main objective of data is to interpret it and derive meaningful results from the same. When it comes to the interpretation of data Microsoft Excel has some of the best tools that are available. Just imagine the case where you are having data with thousands of rows, out of that data have to insert a pivotal table and then go on to formulate a summary table. Some of the things that can be done are conditioning format or grouping dates in a pivotal table
  • Easy for data visualizations with the form of charts- In Excel there is always an option to create charts, and the presentation of the data takes place in a visual form. Most of the charts that you need to present your data is already there and with a single click they can be inserted. If you move over to the insert tab, there is an option to insert what all you want. In addition, there is also an option of recommended charts that would allow you to use Microsoft Excel. This means that that in any situation you can have the best Microsoft Excel sheet. If you feel that you need something extra then there is an option of creating an advanced chart with the aid of specific chart methods.
  • Reports can be printed easily- there may arise a point of time where you would like to print reports and share it with others.Excel online course with certificate allows you to print reports with a degree of customization where you may go on to change the margin, customization etc. For printing a report there are a whole set of customization options that is available.
  • Handy free templates that are ready to use- Another amazing feature of Microsoft Excel is that you can create templates along with dashboards. Numerous forms of free templates are available that you can download and use. Examples are in the form of sales template and inventory reports.
  • To automate you can code- Microsoft excel goes on to have its own coding language that is termed as VBA as visual basic for applications. For all activities that you are performing in excel you can write a code. It is possible to automate all types of code from simple, to complex with the aid of VBA code. The moment you become aware about the basic functions of VBA it is possible to develop a custom function with the aid of a code.
  • Transforms and cleans data- if you are someone who has to deal with a lot of data then complex situations may emerge. In some cases, the data could be so messy that you may wonder what to do with it. Hence before using it you need to clean it. The entire process of cleaning and making the data available to use could turn out to be a tedious process. For this reason, Microsoft Excel has gone on to introduce the option of power query that is a cleaning engine and a data transformation query. Here data from multiple sources can be downloaded, transformed and then it is loaded back on to the spreadsheet. For this you need to be aware on what are the reasons why power query goes on to become a powerful tool.
  • Data can be stored with millions of rows- there is no limit to data, but with excel there are bound to be limitations when it comes to columns and rows. For this reason Microsoft excel has come up with the Power pivot where you are able to store millions of data. With Power Pivot you are in a position to perform the calculations easily.

To sum up things there are various benefits of Microsoft Excel. In modern times it would be really difficult to leave without the use of this application tool. Since a lot of companies are moving over to the cloud, a point to consider is that Microsoft excel does have its own web version. It is loaded with a series of functions like pivotal tables, functions pretty much like the desktop app. Of late they have gone on to launch the one in all office app that provides a new dimension. Apart from mobile you also have an option of working on spreadsheets. It is like having Microsoft excel on the go.


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