Ali Ata – What Should You Expect When You Study English Majors

In the past, many students thought studying English Majors was a waste of time, and there were no jobs available in the market for them. This is not true. If you look around the world today, you will find almost every profession needs people that have excelled in English Majors and are earning quite well. Students today have recognized the value of English Majors, and this is why more and more of them are choosing this course of study today.

Ali Ata – Why are English Majors popular in both the academic and professional world?

Ali Ata is a professor of English at AAIM Development, and he says that English Majors is a very popular subject in both the academic and professional worlds. More and more employers are looking for students that have studied English Majors. These students can communicate well, and if you look at the core of any business, communication helps it to grow and develop.

Who should take up English Majors?

If you are fond of books and wish to read more of them as a student, choosing English Majors for studies is the perfect choice for you. However, if anyone is just interested in English as a language and fond of history, English Majors will be an interesting subject for you to pursue as a student. You will be introduced into the different forms, functions, and history of English Literature. You will be able to get a glimpse into religion, philosophy, history, art, and other disciplines related to the study of English as a major.

English Majors helps you to develop your writing skills

Writing skills are needed in life, and when you study English Majors, you effectively are able to improve these skills. Later, after graduation in English Majors, you will find many potential jobs for you in the market. You will be considered an ideal candidate when it comes to writing a sales letter, or an advertisement campaign, or marketing brochure, etc. Again, businesses often need people to write informative content for websites and blogs.

With English Majors, you can deconstruct and analyze problems. You can effectively understand the line of thoughts and perceptions better. This helps you to frame your conclusion in an improved way.

Many students of English Majors choose careers in journalism and creative writing. Some have gone into work as editors, advertisements, and TV writers. Some students become professors or teachers in Universities or Colleges. However, students of English Majors are fit for any occupation as one needs good communication, analyzing, and thinking skills.

Ali Ata sums up by saying that if you wish to hone your intellectual skills and love English as a language, English Majors is the perfect subject for you. Ensure you enroll in a good academic institution that gives you the scope to hone your writing and communication skills in English with success. Once you have completed graduation in English Majors and start searching for a job, you will find a host of them waiting for talented people like you!

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