5 Uncommon Ways to Earn Reward Points on a Frequent Flyer Program

Frequent flyer programs make it reasonably easy for its members to earn points by usually enlisting all the ways on the website. While some are more common than others, it is the uncommon ways that can speed up the process of garnering more points. Mentioned in this post are some of the off-beat ways to earn points on a frequent flyer program.

Frequent flyer programs are aimed at making your travel more affordable while offering various privileges and benefits. However, most benefits and offers are directly linked to the rate at which you earn points in the program. While booking flight tickets, acquiring a co-branded credit card, are some of the common ways to earn points, there are a few unconventional ways too which are often missed by many. Let’s look at some of the most uncommon ways to earn points on a frequent flyer program.

  • Dine Out at Your Favourite Restaurants: This is surely a great way to enjoy while also earning some miles. Many frequent flyer programs let you earn miles when you dine at restaurants that are affiliated with your program. All you have to do is make the reservation through your program website and fill in the membership details. What’s more, is that you not only stand a chance to earn points, but you can also unlock some exclusive discounts and offers on food and beverage.
  • Fill Fuel in Your Car: Are you bummed about rising petrol prices? Well, while there is not so much that you can do about that, you can definitely now use it to your advantage by filling fuel at partner outlets of your program and earn points based on the money you spent on your fuel. Some select programs have tie-ups with fuel outlets and let you earn miles every time you refuel your vehicle. Just don’t forget to keep your membership number handy and mention it to the attendant at the time of the payment.
  • Convert Points from Other Programs: Are you part of innumerable loyalty programs that you can’t even keep track of. If yes, now you can ensure that your accumulated and unused points can be put to good use. Some programs let you convert points from these programs into miles. You can also find out how much miles you’ll get before you convert. From banks to hotels to loyalty programs, there is usually a wide list of programs to choose from.
  • Shop Online: While most programs let you earn miles on the shopping you do on the program website, some programs also let you accumulate points when you shop from third-party portals such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and more. All you have to do is access your preferred shopping portal from your loyalty program’s website and enter your membership number or registered mobile number. This will ensure that the points are automatically calculated based on the purchases made on the portal and credited to your program.
  • Make Bill Payments: From electricity to mobile phone, DTH, gas bills, water bills, broadband bills, there are numerous such payments we make every month. Some programs through their partnership with payment portals let you earn miles every time you make payments of your utility bills. Just like shopping online, make sure you access the portal through your program website and enter your membership number or registered mobile number.
  • Buy Gift Cards: Be it your colleague’s anniversary or your friend’s birthday, there are many occasions where you have to buy gifts. Buying gift cards of leading retail stores such as Croma, Nykaa, BookMyShow can now help you earn points every time you buy these gift cards.

Be Smart and Earn Miles Faster

When you’re part of a frequent flyer program, capitalising on every opportunity to earn reward points is key to making the best use of the program. Make use of these options and increase the rate at which you earn miles. Always keep an eye out for offers by checking the website of your program regularly.

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