Custom Bobbleheads-How long you have to wait to get one?

Making custom Bobbleheads is a dynamic process. That’s why you just ought to make some effort to locate the right custom figurine maker. Once you’ve found them, it’s important to have assumptions on how long it will take for you to get your nice, fresh, wobble-headed figurines. It’s because they rely on a lot of stuff. If you’re like most people, you’re using dolls to advertise yourself or your company, and it’s good to know when you should start using them. If it takes years, you really wouldn’t have much need for them by then.

Of course, the schedule can change based on your order. It will rely on the efficiency of your custom figurine maker and the sophistication of your custom bobbleheads design. But just to give an idea, the phase normally takes 12 weeks. The twelve weeks was further split down into three processes:

1. Phase of development of a prototype

This is when the sample of the Bobblehead dolls is made. This is a critical step since the entire batch would be modeled after the version decided upon. This phase typically takes four weeks, depending on the improvements you’re applying for along the way. You may have thought of a simpler design to make the improvements possible. This is why contact with your custom figurine maker must be almost instant. This means that you will let them know at once whether you wish to alter anything. A design shift will put you back for a couple of days. If you haven’t been able to speak with the maker about the improvements at once, it might take several weeks for them to modify the prototype.

2. Stage of development

This is where the custom wobbly-headed advertising methods require the most time. It normally takes about seven weeks to make your custom-made Bobblehead dolls. Since it takes longer, your custom figurine maker must get it correct for the first time. Can you imagine that you’re going to have a redo of the entire operation simply because the maker has overlooked something? That’s why you must work with the best manufacturer. They’re going to make sure that the lengthy delay is worth it.

3. Delivery

It will take around three to eight days for you to obtain your custom Bobbleheads for local ground delivery. If you want to have your Bobblehead dolls quicker, you can expedite delivery. Only speak to your custom figurine maker about this. As long as you’re at it, ask them how the dolls are shipped so you can be confident that they won’t be broken during shipping.

Usually, the manufacturer decides how long the procedure would take. Major manufacturers have well-oiled processes in operation and can make custom bobbleheads quicker than most. On the other side, it would take a longer period for a poor Bobblehead maker to cause you headaches along the way. So do yourself a favor and initiate your advertising campaign on schedule by making sure that the Bobblehead dolls are produced by worthy custom figurine manufacturers.

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