Self-Defense Weapons to Carry for Road Trips

Are you ready to hit the road and take a nice vacation? A road trip is one of the most entertaining ways to travel as one can take as much time as they need to reach their destination. If you are traveling solo, however, it doesn’t hurt to carry a few self-defense weapons to keep yourself safe. Here are a few self-defense weapons to consider for your next trip and beyond.


If it’s legal in your state to carry and you have the means to do so, think about getting yourself a handgun to keep with you at all times. Any reputable handgun will have the necessary features to keep yourself safe. Women, in particular, will find a Sigsaur P365 useful to carry in their purse; should any moments arise where they’ll need to use it. Handguns are not incredibly heavy, either so they won’t weigh you down in your travels.

Cat Knuckles

Cat knuckles are similar to brass knuckles in their functionality. What makes them stand out from brass knuckles, however, are their durability and simplicity—it’s shaped like a cat with its ears being the main weapon. The eye holes allow for one to slip their fingers through and grip the device easily for potential attacks. You can carry these knuckles on a key chain to have them on you whenever you need them.

Pepper Spray

Mace, or pepper spray, is a powerful liquid formula made with capsaicin, the spice found in some of the world’s spiciest peppers. This ingredient alone should be enough to send would-be attackers running for the hills. Pepper spray is also a great accompaniment to your keys and it’s easy to use—just spray it directly in the eyes of the attacker and run to safety.

Pocket Knife

A pocketknife is another trusty weapon to have with you. Carry it in your hand whenever you pass by an area that’s not as safe or brightly lit. Knives are lightweight and versatile; they can be carried in your pocket or purse to match with your other accessories. Pocket knives made in specific designs, such as lipstick tubes, are perfect for discreetly carrying your knife to protect yourself without drawing attention.

Road trips are great fun whether with a group or solo, but no matter who you’re traveling with, always protect yourself and others. Any of these four self-defense weapons will aid in keeping yourself safe from danger.

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