Fashion That Faded: 6 Kitchen Trends That Have Faded Away

No matter how much one denies, in this world, nothing is permanent. And neither are kitchen trends. What the trend was 2 years ago is now no more. And so, if you are one of those who are still a fan of, for example, open shelving or tiled countertops; you might want to reconsider your decision.

With the advent of discount kitchen cabinets, people have inclined more towards utility and practicality for their kitchens. With time, more and more people are opting out of kitchen designing that were trending as recent as 2 years ago.

Here are a few once-popular kitchen trends that are now fading away:

1. Dustbins: Perhaps the most popular element of any kitchen has been the one that carries all the waste. The dustbin is something that a kitchen can be said to be incomplete without. Usually dustbins are placed in a corner of a kitchen that is not visible easily. Only the house-owners would know it. However, the position of the dustbin also depends on the size of the kitchen. Not every kitchen may allow the dustbin to be placed effectively both in terms of cleaner décor and easy usage.

However, today people are replacing the regular dustbins with Wastebasket pull-out cabinets. In this system, a single cabinet stores two regular bins which can be pulled out with ease to dispose off the kitchen waste. No matter the kitchen space, these cabinets are an effective replacement for dustbins, due to their availability in various shapes.

2. Wall cabinets: To speak more accurately, wall cabinets that do not reach the ceiling are being opted out by most people nowadays. Once popular, they are now found to be more time-consuming which includes cleaning the dust that accumulates in the gap between their top and the ceiling.

Nowadays, people are going for wall cabinets, e.g. white kitchen cabinets, which are attached to the ceiling. They provide a more finished look and also bring down the cleaning considerations.

3. Tiled countertops: Once considered a beautiful addition to the kitchen, tiled countertops were a common choice for people who wanted to add their own stylish touch to the kitchen.

But now, people have come to terms with the fact that along with beauty, it brings a lot of hectic considerations. The grouts attract stain, any heavy impact can cause cracks, and breakage of the corners has no way to be replaced. All these have led people to chalk tiled countertops out of their kitchen décor list.

Today, people are going for marble and granite that have a single slab as their discount kitchen cabinet countertop; While those with a less budget, opt for quartz of laminate.

4. Open shelves: Although open shelves bring a good kitchen representation and a nice aesthetic, people today have come to realize that they are more of a hindrance. Shortage of space, tougher and longer cleaning, cluttering, and safety issues, are all inconveniences that come with open shelving.

However, this problem has been taken care of with the advent of discount kitchen cabinet. They provide a clutter-free appearance, are easier to clean, provide more space, have more utility and offer safer storage. And this has made people more inclined towards them.

Moreover, there are various styles of cabinets available like white kitchen cabinets or cherry kitchen cabinets and many others, which can be a perfect complement to a suitable kitchen décor.

5. Microwave over the stove: This was considered a great way to save space by bringing the essential cooking equipment into one single column. But this has turned out to be drawback. Not only does using the stove limits the use of the microwave, the smoke that rises from cooking also affects its lower surface leading to the accumulation of grease which is tough to clean.

The availability of discount kitchen cabinet has enabled people to mount their microwaves in a wall cabinet. This is a much better option than placing it on a counter top, which would have decreased the counter top’s space availability.

With the high pace of life today, people are opting for more practical designs of kitchen décor which will require less time, be it for cooking or cleaning. Opting for a kitchen cabinet is an effective choice as it is not only storage and space-efficient but also comes at an attractive price, and in different shapes and sizes.

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