12 Suggestions to act upon for reducing Intensity of Pollen Allergy

During every seasonal allergy, the body of the patient becomes hypersensitive even to the least harmful things around them. Ordinary people can easily go out, do and eat whatever they want to. But when Atlanta pollen count is higher than normal then the sensitive people react differently because the quantity of pollen is more than normal.

Top 12 Suggestions to act upon for reducing Intensity of Pollen Allergy

What Pollen really is?

Like all living things, plants and trees also need to grow and reproduce but the process is different from other beings. For this purpose, pollen is produced by the male part of the plant and released into the air. During the reproductive seasons, the wind carries these pollens far away to the female plant.

Why know about Atlanta pollen count?

You must have heard many times on the news that the weatherman is talking about the pollen count in Atlanta. Have you ever thought as to why they give this information?  You don’t have an allergy but that doesn’t mean that the rest of the peopleare also free from it. There are many who suffer from extreme reactions. It is crucial for them to know about the daily pollen count.

How can it be measured?

The Vurkard volumetric spore trap is a device used to measure the pollen count in the air on a specific day. The pollen grains that are travelling through the air are captured by a slit using the vacuum created inside the instrument. A simpler method of collecting pollen is when meteorologists use a rod that rotates. It has adhesive stuff on it so that the pollens stick onto it.

Symptoms of Pollen Allergies

Allergies can be defined as the reaction of the immunity system to the most harmless things that are present around. The body thinks of these allergens as harmful substances and reacts in many different forms. These reactions are called symptoms. Experts at Atlanta Allergy examine symptoms  like; watery eyes, itching in the throat, sneezing that lead to runny nose, sometimes stuffy nose and wheezing sound when coughing.

12 Suggestions to reduce Intensity

These are many treatments available to cure the pollen allergy. The allergists can prescribe nasal sprays in the form of steroids, various medications, nasal unclogging liquids, immuno therapy, allergy shots and combination of different medicines. But treatment is the last resort you can take. You can consider the following 12 suggestions to reduce the intensity of the pollen allergy.

Windows and Doors Closed

Keep the windows and doors closed as much as possible. Only open them when it is very much necessary. This will keep the pollen out of the house to a minimal level. During the pollen seasons, the wind is relatively fast so the pollen can spread to large areas.

Keep Air Conditioner on the recycled mode

Recycled mode or recirculation of the air conditioner means that the air inside the house remains inside and circulates. This doesn’t allow the air from outside to come through the air conditioner like in the normal mode.

Take a shower when return home

If it is really necessary to go outside then you have to but you return home; don’t forget to take a shower. This washes away the pollen that gets stuck onto the clothes and body. It is also important that you thoroughly wash clothes and dry them indoors.

Keep your pets clean

Initially, you have to keep away from pets as much as possible. Arrange for their living comfortably outside the house. But if that is impossible then keep them as much cleanly as possible; especially their litter.

Avoid going outside as much as possible

If you are an employed person then you can’t afford to miss your job. So there are precautions that you can take before and during going outside. But always avoid going outside if there is no reason at all.

Wait for the appropriate time

The best time to go outside for people who have pollen allergies is very early morning or later during the evening. This is the ideal time for the working class to go and come back from work, and if you are suffering from allergies then you are lucky to be doing this kind of job.

Have Medication readily available

Whatever medication the allergist has prescribed to you; it is essential that you always keep it handy. The medicines should be in the car, at the office, in your bag, at the school and in important places in your home.

Take natural remedies

If you are not allergic to food then taking natural remedies should not be a problem for you. There are many things in nature that can be the alternate for medicines.

Use a mask when going outdoors

I an unavoidable situation where it becomes compulsory to go out during the peak pollen count hours of the day; then you can use a mask to cover your nose and mouth. This will limit the exposure of pollen to the body.

Establish a Healthy Diet

Eating healthy food is seen to boost the immunity system of the body. Add fruits and vegetables to your daily diet if you want to reduce the pollen reaction.

Know the allergens of your reaction

There are many people whose reaction during high pollen count increases. But they are not aware of the allergen that triggers this reaction. Knowing about the allergen is the best way to curtail the contact of the allergen.

Always keep your house clean

At various timings, the rate of Atlanta pollen count is transmitted in the news. When you know that the count is high; one important thing that you cando is start making plans to keep your house clean so that pollen doesn’t gather in the house.

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