Having a Fun Ice Cream Party

Several flavors are now available ready-made – even delicious – there is pea ice cream in one salon – and no, I haven’t tried it. Despite all the flavors out there, sometimes it’s a good idea to make your own – free of preservatives; first – you’ll know exactly what’s going on there, and what comes out will be delicious. There are many ice cream makers out there, some of them are great, albeit very expensive, but it seems to me that I don’t have enough freezer space to cool my appliance, so I’d instead only use a plastic box and maybe a food processor and fork. In the latter case, it is necessary to stir the mixture at least once with the best custom ice cream cups, and preferably two or three times, as it solidifies. This will help break up any large lumps of ice forming and keep the ice cream soft. It is essential to keep everything neatly clean.

Coconut ice cream

1 cup double cream (heavy cream)

Half a cup of milk

A cup of coconut chips (desiccated coconut – don’t worry if you’re using the sweetened form, the mixture tastes very sweet as freezing reduces the effect).

8 oz, 200g coconut cream

Mix, whisk well, and place in the freezer after an hour, stir with a fork and repeat every hour until completely frozen – about three hours. Serve it with a sauce of 6 cubes of dark chocolate, a ginger splash, and a teaspoon of curd or marmalade. Serve with a crunchy waffle sponge cake at the most sophisticated dinner party, but it was also made on the barbecue.

Peanut butter ice cream

Pint, 250ml double cream (heavy)

Half a liter, 250 ml condensed milk (you can use cream/light)

2 oz, 50g brown sugar

Half a cup of peanut butter

Three drops of vanilla extract.

It’s also a good idea to add chopped chocolate chip cookies – about 1/3 to 1/2 cup.

Gently heat the cream, condensed milk, sugar, and peanut butter, occasionally stirring, until the sugar dissolves, and the peanut butter is well mixed. Add vanilla extract when it cools, cracker crumbs if you are using it, and transfer it to a plastic freezer box. Again, flip it with a fork every hour until it’s firm. I love it with cream sauce and a spoonful of maple syrup. It also works well with compotes such as apricots.

I was told that you could make ice cream from instant custard bags. This is the traditional custard ice cream.

1 1/2 cups castor sugar

Two tablespoons all-purpose flour

Four eggs

Three scoops of milk

One teaspoon vanilla

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