Top Technical Improvements In Airport Lounges 2021

Airport lounges are dependent on technology to accomplish the end-to-end journey. They use technology when they plan any trip. It allows the airlines to control the journey.

It means that the travel experience is in the hands of airlines through technology. Now, airport lounges and airports have a great option to deliver excellent services to travelers according to their desires.

This opportunity will allow the airports to get more revenue and provide guests an outstanding experience. Technology is the central focus of the air transport industry. 

Delta Air Lines became famous for the best breakthrough revolution of technology recently. It means that airlines are working to improve airport lounges. The CEO of Delta announced that they had developed a compelling vision regarding future travel. 

It includes reality display screens that are parallel, exoskeletons that are wearable to full-body, and alternation of the Fly Delta app. Several entertainment options that are captivating and platforms for Al machine’s learning are also a part of their vision. 

It is necessary to develop a strategy according to guests’ needs and demands when designing an airport lounge experience through the use of technology. A big thanks to the people who invented technology.

Now, guests crave excellent services. They get updates from their tablets, computers, and laptops about these services. 

It includes customization ability, streamlined services, and easy and quick access to the comforts of life. Following are some top practices that airport lounges are using for the convenience of their guests.

Streamlined Services

Technology makes the processes more comfortable and smoother, either it’s about buying tickets for the concert, booking your dinner reservation, or paying the utility bills for your home. Travelers demand the same experiences from the airports that are seamless.

They want to reduce the steps to book a destination. Streamlining the whole process to reserve access to a Dubai lounge is the best thing that is improving customers’ experience.

Guests appreciate the comfort and ease of booking through the use of technology. Digital specialists can guide you better about executing the integration to make the bookings easy for airport guests.


Consumers like the ability to customize all the experiences related to their journey and airport lounges. As the world is becoming global and expanding daily, the craving for customization and vast options is increasing.

Research the needs and demands of your guests and utilize it to find out the customization type they desire and consider it valuable. Some airports have used this strategy, and they found that their guests feel a connection with their homes wherever they are.

PressReader helps airports deliver critical access to publications that are 7000 in number and comprised of  60 languages. It allows guests to spend a great time in the lounge by downloading the magazines and newspapers.

This single implementation of the digital program allowed airports to align their lounges with the publications that are considered the best in the world. It provides an opportunity for customers to customize their selection of reading.

Of course, it is not possible without technology use. One guest may download the Jornal related to Vogue, Yoga, and Life Style on his iPad, and another may download Forbes, USA Today, and Newsweek. Every guest is free to design the entertainment experience in the lounge.

Comforts Of A Lifestyle

Being connected is the necessary thing when you think about feeling like a home. The speed of the airport lounge’s speed should be the same as the super-fast speed of the personal connection that guests love to entertain themselves while sitting on their couch in the home.

Netflix should be ready to explore before a guest takes a coffee sip in the airport lounge. If the speed of free Wi-Fi is slow, then it will be considered as a weak spot by your guests that destroy their satisfaction. Slow Wi-Fi reduces the best review score.

Airport lounges are supplying great outlets (AC and USB) to guests. But the travelers carry their devices, either they are business travelers or leisure airport travelers. Even more, they have two or three devices most of the time.

Travelers expect two or three and sometimes one outlet at the seat. If more people are dependent on the travel outlets, then it means that outlets are more important. The outlets include Apple Wallet, digital boarding pass, and confirmation emails.

These practices show that technology is working for almost every airport. MAG USA considers that convenience will become a central lifestyle service in the future. Travel of airport will be regarded as convenient and comfortable one day, and everyone will thank technology.

May agencies are using different strategies that are best to implement in the airports. I hope the current article is informative for you. Keep reading related articles to get more information.

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