How to create a unique personalized wedding gift?

When it comes to buying a wedding gift, people often tend to flow with the traditional choices. These may include flowers, fancy jewellery pieces, dresses, accessories, home décor items, cooking sets etc. what if you want to give something out of the box? The obvious choice goes with personalized gifts. Here, you can transform a simple product into a unique one.

For example, newlywed couples often receive a coffee mug set. You can make it special by adding a little bit of personal touch. Buy a pair of mugs for each of them. Add their personal photographs to the mugs along with some personal text messages. Such beautiful personalised gifting ideas look amazing as wedding gifts.

Simple yet elegant:

Here, we’ve added a few examples of simple gifting ideas that you can personalize smartly.

 A bath towel set: A set of bath towels seems awesome for a newlywed couple. But to make it special and unique, you can add their name monograms on them. It looks classy and adorable.

A personalized cutting board: Cutting board is a daily essential. A monogrammed wooden board seems a perfect wedding gift. Also, you can add the wedding date and the venue on it to make them feel special. Personalizing a gift is the best way to add an heirloom that everyone surely will treasure forever.

Custom-made wooden coaster: Every house needs a perfect set of coasters. So, why not make them personalized and gift to a newly married couple? Drive your own imagination power to design these customized coasters. Add names, initials, logos, symbols, and wedding dates of your choice. You can design each of the pieces of the set differently. A bottle of wine and a pair of wine glasses will make a perfect wedding gift combo with these personalized coasters set.

Customized wine serving tray: Choose this wooden wine serving tray for the couple who loves to host parties in style. You can personalize the tray with the couple’s name and their wedding year. It is designed to conveniently grab a set of four or six wine glasses and a wine bottle. It makes the cocktail serving job easier.

Personalized wall art pieces:

When you are looking for special wedding gifts for your close people, you can honour a very special moment of them. It can be their first dance, their first selfie together or a romantic snap from their wedding day album. It can be a photograph, a painting or an illustration. Choose a beautiful wooden frame and attach that personalized wall art to that. It will look great when hanging on the living room wall. This artwork will elegantly serve a nostalgic feel.

A couple miniature: Gift a couple miniature statue to them. It’s a 3D miniature statue that is created from the front-faced photographs of the recipients. As a wedding gift, you can ask the personalizing artist to design the statues wearing the exact wedding attire as the recipients. These statues are strongly attached to a wooden or metal base. You can add your personalized text at the bottom of these statues.

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