Sleep Right And Feel More Positive With These Vastu Tips For The Bed

Many people experience difficulty when sleeping at night. This problem can exist despite having a comfortable bed. Creating a great bedroom interior design is not always sufficient to enjoy a good night’s sleep. You will have to place your bed according to Vastu.  Although many people consider Vastu trivial, it can actually have a huge impact on your life. Vastu shastra is based on Science and aims at providing a positive and comfortable experience. Placing your bed according to Vastu Shastra will help you to relax, sleep better, and completely feel rejuvenated. If you are not sure how to make your bed completely Vastu compliant, here are a few tips that will help you:

01 of 07 The position of the bed according to Vastu shastra

According to experts, you must be very careful when positioning your bed in your bedroom interior design. The position of the bed can have a huge impact on your health and sleep. When placing the bed, you should always ensure that the head of the bed should be in the south or east direction. Also, it is important to have a headrest. Make sure that the headrest is either square or rectangular or square. Other shapes are not considered very Vastu friendly for the headrest. You also have to take the position of the headrest into account. Even if the headboard of your bed design is placed right against the main wall, you should never place it in the corner of the room. This obstructs the flow of positive energy inside the house. Similarly, the headboard should never be placed directly under a beam. Instead, consider placing the bed right in the centre of the room so that you can move freely on all sides of the bed. Try to keep at least a 4-inch gap between the wall and the headboard.

02 of 07 Do not position your head in the north or northeast direction

According to Vastu Shastra, you should never position your head in the north or northeast direction. It can hugely affect your sleep because the Earth’s magnetic field can hugely impact your body’s blood circulation. When any imbalance is caused in the blood circulation, it can cause stress and make you feel exhausted even when you do not perform any task. Further, these directions are inauspicious and can cause various illnesses and bad dreams.

03 of 07 Choose the material carefully

You can easily find beds made of different materials in the market. Make sure that you do not choose the material randomly. While some materials will invite more positive energy into your life, others will attract negative energy. Wood and metal are the two most common materials people consider when choosing a bed. It is always better to choose wood instead of metal because experts believe that wood promotes positive energy and deflects negative energy.

04 of 07 Choosing the mattress

When choosing a mattress for the bed, comfort should always be your top priority. However, this does not mean you should ignore Vastu. If you have a large bed design in your bedroom interior design, always opt for a single large mattress instead of two small ones. One large mattress encourages uniformity and togetherness. As a result, people sleeping on the bed will develop a better bond and relationship.

05 of 07 Never hang mirror on the wall

You must have noticed bedroom ideas with mirrors on the wall. While some bedrooms have large mirrors, others have small mirrors. Although many people believe hanging a mirror on the wall can enhance the aesthetic beauty of the room, it should be avoided according to Vastu. Make sure that there are no mirrors in the bedroom. However, avoiding a mirror in your bedroom is impossible, you should at least ensure that your reflection does not form in the mirror when you sleep at night. Otherwise, you may witness severe losses financially and health-wise.

06 of 07 Your bed should not face your bathroom door

Most master bedroom ideas have an attached washroom for convenience. If you too have an attached washroom in your bedroom, you should be careful with the position of your bed. According to Vastu shastra, your bed should never face the bathroom door. Otherwise, it will attract a lot of negative energy inside your bedroom.

07 of 07 Place your bed according to the position of the door and windows

According to Vastu experts, you should take the position of the doors and windows into consideration as well when placing your bed. Make sure you never place your legs towards the door of your bedroom. This can cause bad dreams at night. Also, you should never place a bed with a headrest in front of any window as it is considered inauspicious. It can ruin the quality of your sleep and make you feel tired when you wake up in the morning.

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