How to Repair Spill Damage on a Laptop

Have you spilled coffee on your laptop or put it on a wet surface by mistake? Do not panic. You can do laptop repair easily and it can start working again!

When there’s spill damage to your laptop, it does not mean that you should get a new device. It can be an insensible choice as it can be fixed with some simple tips and professional laptop repair service.

This blog will assist you with how to repair spill damage on a laptop.

Immediately Turn Off Your Laptop

As soon as there’s a liquid spill over your laptop, your immediate action should be turning off your device. For this, you can simply unplug the power cord and press the power button for a few seconds until it’s fully off. Do not waste even a second to shut it down properly.  Cutting the power supply immediately will ensure the safety of hardware components otherwise there could be a short circuit and permanent device damage.

Remove all the Detachable Parts of the Laptop

Now, you have to look for the detachable parts in the laptop such as a battery, USB drives, dongles, etc.

Some laptops still have removable batteries that can be taken out with ease with a convenient latch. If your laptop features this design, take the battery off otherwise leave as it is. Also, take off any dongles, USB drives, cables, etc. to ensure nothing is trying to be powered from the laptop. After removing the parts, wipe off the liquid spill using a dry absorbent cloth and let everything air-dry.

Put it Upside Down to Drain Out Liquid

First of all, take an absorbent dry fiber cloth and clean the spill from the upper surface of the laptop. Focus around the keyboard, ports, and vents.

Now, put the laptop upside down as it will allow the liquid to drain out of the device. Leave your laptop to dry for about 24 to 48 hours before using it.

We have already told you how you can treat spill damage if the laptop has removable hardware. However, if your laptop does not have such a design or you’re not comfortable removing parts of your laptop, a professional laptop repair service in faridabad or near you can help you.

Seek Help from a Professional Laptop Repair Company Near You

The above tips are helpful if you are trying to do diy laptop repair after spill damage. However, it is always suggested to get your device checked by a professional company that does laptop repair in faridabad or near you. The laptop repair at home experts will see if any hardware component is damaged and needs replacement or not. This can even save you from getting a new device and spending unnecessarily!

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