How to Save Money When Booking Your Airline Tickets?

Finding cheap airline tickets is not something that only experienced travel agents could do. In today’s open-world every price can be comparedinstantaneously online with other service providers. However, it needs a little travel experience to realize the mistakes one makes while traveling to avoid them for future trips. Another way to save money one booking airline tickets is by learning from others mistakes. Here is an experienced travelers’ guide for novice travelers to book cheap airline tickets no matter where they are travelling to.

Save Money When Booking Your Airline Tickets using these tricks:

Tip # 1: Browse the internet in Private mode

While this may apply for all types of shopping but it especially applies to airline tickets. If you go to a normal comparison website or on even directly the airline website to look for the price of your ticket, they will start tracking your navigation through cookies and remember you the next time you visit. If you did not book your flight there and then, you may not see the same price again. This happens becomes, once the website knows that you’re interested in a particular flight on a particular day, they will bump up the price for you. If, however, you are using a VPN or incognito mode in Chrome, for instance, your cookies will be deleted moment you close the browser. When you come back to finally book the flight you will be considered as a new visitor again.

Tip # 2: Try Flying Budget Airlines

While budget airlines get plenty of bad name in the media, especially by the comedians, they are not always a bad idea, especially if your travelling under a tight budget. Most of these airlines have their quality and flight safety standards approved by the relevant authorities like IATA and ICAO. So, the airlines are as safe as any top-airline. The difference in prices usually comes from the fringe benefits that come with five-star and seven-star rated airlines. With budget airlines, you may not get specialized cuisine, free alcohol, on-board wifi, movies and entertainment, and wide legroom, but you will get to your intended destination safely and within your budget. After all, the extravagantly higher fare that you pay for a high-rated airline, is way too high for the additional benefits your getting. Imagine how much shopping and dining out you can do for the amount of extra money you pay for just a few hours of flight. I would rather save my money on the flight and spend it more wisely on my destination where I can enjoy it a lot more.

As a disclaimer, it is advised to be careful while booking your flight from a budget airline. Make sure they have not added any extra services without your consent. You may find that the cost of a single snake made your fare to be as high as double or more than the original price. Pack a light snack for your self and plan to eat a big meal at your final destination.

Tip # 3: Explore the latest Mobile app MyTM Travels

Try out an exciting new entrant into online travel and tour package reservations industry, MyTM Travels, developed by Xint Solutions. They not only have a well-designed website with a fast search engine but also have a mobile app developed for both iOS and also for android phone devices. You can not only book international and domestic flights through web and mobile applications but also can get cheap hotel reservations, tour packages, bus passes, cinema tickets and a lot more.

Tip # 4: Be Flexible about DatesTimes

Airline fares are almost like stock prices, they go up and down by the minute and depend on demand and supply. Booking a flight on weekends, during holiday seasons or towards destinations that have some special occasions like sports tournaments or cultural festivals will cost you a lot more than during off-peak times. Well if you must then, of course, you must book it as cheap as you can, but I would suggest to waitout a few days or book your flight atleast two or three months ahead of time using some special discount offers. The second option may still not work much as even if you book the flight ahead of time, airline ticketing systems are designed to forecast future hype in demand which they will reflect in their prices even if your booking so much advance. Also, the discount may not even apply to those high demand days. So, try to find a flight one or two days after the peak demand time, unless, you absolutely must book it on time.

Tip # 5: Sign Up for Cheap Fare Alerts

One last tip for finding the best international flight rates is by signing up for newsletters sent by a good flight search engine like Once you sign up for their account, you’re asked if you would like to signup for their occasional newsletter via email. They will send you the latest discounts and updates which you can take advantage of. You can always stop receiving the notifications if you think it’s filling up your inbox, but you got nothing to lose by signing up for the free newsletter.

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