Is your website not mobile-friendly? Should you worry?

What are mobile-friendly websites?

To be laconic, all the websites which are compatible with mobiles as well can be termed mobile-friendly websites. A mobile-friendly website adjusts to the change in the screen size. The user is not required to zoom in or out or scroll right and left to view the content of the webpage.

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Why should your website be mobile-friendly?

Mobiles have become the primary device for accessing the internet. The majority of the business today comes from mobile devices only. In the year 2019, 52.6% of Global traffic was generated by mobiles. According to recent data of 2021, the number of mobile users is predicted to touch 3.8 billion marks.

Google reports that 59% of customers prefer to shop on mobiles and 70% of smartphone owners who make in-store purchases agree that they do some online research before buying the product. In simple words, you would be excluding yourself and your website from this huge traffic if your website is not compatible with mobile devices.

Google too has made a change in its algorithms. Google has adopted a ‘mobile-first policy in which the rank of the website on the SERP will be contingent on the mobile site and its compatibility with the mobile devices. This gives you sufficient reason to modify your existing website and assume a mobile-friendly approach.

Mobile friendly checklist

Let’s deal with what makes a website mobile-friendly:

1- Use large buttons- Since the display screen of the mobiles is relatively small, it is essential that the buttons on the website are visible and large enough so that the user is not required to zoom in for tapping on them. Besides that, there has to be sufficient space between hyperlinks so that unnecessary wrong-tapping can be avoided.

2- Use large and readable font- It is critical that your font on the website is readable without zooming or scrolling left-right.

3- Simple Menu- When you have a desktop website, you have the leisure of taking a lot of space in the menu but your mobile website is not privileged with this extra space. Mobile websites have a simple menu. Your menu should provide a broad overview of the website and then offer options to filter out to the relevant page.

4- Simple search bar- Since you are always running short of space in mobile websites, you must add a search bar on the top of the website. This lets the user search for his query and the closest matching option will appear for the user.

5- Make it easy for the users to get in touch with you- Not having the contact details of the person you do business with is frustrating. This is applicable in the case of websites too. 84% of users consider customer service to be a dominant factor when it comes to availing of someone’s services.

Hence, you must clearly mention the contact details of your business. These days, websites are using online chatting customer desks and AI chatbots. Apply whatever suits you but be reachable.

6- An attractive Call to Action- Your call to action must be simple, straightforward, and persuasive. It must clearly deliver what you want the customer to do.

7- Avoid Popups- Pop-ups have no lovers in this world. They are simply hated by everyone. They destroy the user experience. Oftentimes, they hide the relevant content on the website. Since Google pays huge reverence to user experience, a website with pop-ups is penalized by being ranked very low at the SERP.


Mobiles are not the future. They are the real present. If you own an ancient website with no compatibility with mobiles, you will soon run out of business. Therefore, get your website optimized today.

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