Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Since the 7th century, it was said that laughter was the best of remedies. It was noted that the arrival of a clown was more beneficial to a village than a caravan of treatments.

In the brain, laughter activates the hippocampus (memory center) and is directed towards the amygdala (the center of emotions), then starts the area of the cortex – which is destined for intellectual processes – and from there to the site of the brain that activates the smile or laughter (nucleus accumbens). This depends on mood, personality, or the absence of psychological disorders.

Among the benefits of laughter we can list:

laughter increases the flow of blood and oxygen to vital tissues and organs.

Some studies indicate that laughter increases the number of neurotransmitter substances, and there seems to be a correlation between laughter and the reduction of Alzheimer’s disease.

It also generates endorphins, dopamine, serotonin, and adrenaline, all hormones that contribute to physical well-being.

When you laugh, you release endorphins: laughter combats stress and depression.

Spontaneous laughter strengthens the heart, improves breathing, and eases digestion.

Laughing activates 400 muscles in our body, and this movement improves flaccidity.

Those who smile are more cheerful, positive.

A good smile gives you the confidence to relate to others. It increases confidence, self-esteem, decreases shyness and makes you fall in love more accessible.

It improves your facial expression, makes your eyes shine, and increases your attractiveness, credibility, and seduction.

It improves the ability to control your emotions, increases creativity and courage.

Revitalizes; it is like a complete inner cleansing.

Laughing as a family establishes closer bonds between family members, builds more trust, and creates unforgettable memories and bonds.

These are just a few reasons why we love to laugh so much and how addictive we find it; this is part of what explains the success of comedy movies and comedy shows. But if you consider that laughing is suitable for adults and the whole family, it is essential to look for appropriate options for everyone; this is where a clean comedian comes into the picture.

Clean comedy is a genre of comedy that is generally free of obscenities: racism, rape jokes, pejoratives, profanity, profanity, incest, illicit drugs, raunchy humor, bathroom humor, sexually explicit content, and equally objectionable material. Comedians may attempt to circumvent clean comedy restrictions through innuendo, euphemisms, doublespeak, double entendre, double entendre, and gender-neutral language. Pure comedy is not necessarily unprovocative. The challenge of clean comedy is to make all audiences laugh without making a dent in other sectors of the population or using politics to find common ground, which is why it is more complicated to do; comedians need to think much more about the jokes they are going to perform.

A clean comedian is in charge of the extraordinary task of creating an environment in which all the people who listen to him laugh and leave their worries behind. Still, without offending, attacking, or making fun of someone else, it is not a simple task obviously because we are all used to a specific type of comedy that now does not combine anymore. In this new society that we have to build, there can be no room to offend others, to make fun of their misfortunes, we have to change, be better and create an environment where we can have fun together, in a respectful way, that is the mission of a clean comedian.

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