Various Ways to Make Usage of Recycled Bags in Every Task

It is time to change our lifestyle not only by eating healthy and taking care of our body, but also by taking care of nature. This can be started by prohibiting the usage of plastic bags. Plastic or propylene is hazardous for environment. They aren’t reusable and therefore end up in landfill.

Most plastics are found on land and water. Plastic tear into fragment, but don’t dissolve in water. Aquatic animals mistake it to be food and eat it. This gets stuck in their food pipe and they can’t swallow it finally ending up their life in water. Thus, the beginning of better environment should start from banning plastic in daily usage.

Statistics show that the biggest usage of plastic is in the form of plastic bags found in departmental stores and vegetable markets, etc. Thus, government banned plastic bags and promoted usage of paper bags or reusable bags in major stores. However, there are certain stores that do provide paper bags, but they’re of no use if you’re carrying heavy or wet items in it.

Instead of picking up oranges that roll on the street because your paper bag was torn from bottom, use reusable or recycled bags. Many stores provide chargeable bags, which make it obvious that next time you will have to get your own bag. This is also a chance to upgrade your fashion by buying designer recycled bags from shops or online stores like Custom Earth Promos. is an online site which provides eco-friendly customized bags. The business started in 2009 and since eleven years it has only grown to be the best company that is eco-conscious. Earlier they were just focusing on custom recycled bags, now they have diverse selection of items like seed paper sheets in the form of invitation cards, business cards, postcards, etc., reusable pens, jotters, USB drives, bottles, lanyards and various other items that you may think of. Without compromising on quality, they provide products in bunch for customers.

Recycled bags are useful not only to buy groceries or vegetables, but they can be used in any purpose whether to carry items for picnic, school, colleges, office, etc. However, the beigest concern is to remember carrying a bag with you. Generally, I keep a spare bag always in my office purse, as you may never know when you might need it. However, there are also other ways of remembering it –

  • Get a large collection of bags and place them in shelves or hang on doors wherever possible so that while walking out of bedroom or main door you would see them at a glance and remember to carry.
  • Buy small bag pouches which can fit in your purse, or carry with your keychain every time when you go out.
  • Another way of remembering it by making a habit for next 20 days to carry a bag with you wherever you go, this way it will become  habit after few days.
  • Tell you family to remind you to carry a bag whenever you go out. Once you’re done with taking out items from bag after shopping, don’t forget to replace bag at its place.

If one person avoids plastic a day you will be saving environment and wildlife. Save earth, Mother Nature and wildlife by avoiding plastic usage in the best way.

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