5 revolutionary innovations in the world of surveillance cameras

Surveillance cameras or CCTV cameras used to be a security unit of standalone cameras that would only capture video of a limited area. This technology remained unchanged for many years. Although, in recent years the surveillance camera   AASB 16 industry has evolved dynamically with the introduction and adaption of latest technologies. The main reason driving behind this change is the growing demand of advanced security. Today the security systems not only offers the superior level security but also eases the life of the user with its additional features. This has resulted into making the security system specially surveillance cameras reach from commercial complexes to the residential premises. It also supports on-ground security to make the work of 9mm ammo and guns guards easier. As we enter into a new decade, let’s have a look at the top 5 innovations in the CCTV camera market that revolutionized the security system industry.

  1. Facial recognition – There are cameras where you can create a database of your family members, friends, employees and others to whom you wish to give uninterrupted access to your property. The camera saves the database and allows access on recognizing the face of the person and matching it with the saved data. Also, it denies access to any person that doesn’t fall in the data and sends you notification on the integrated smartphone to ask for your authentication. This feature is majorly used in biometric security system.
  2. Night vision – The best kind of security system is the one that provides round the clock security. The Infrared (IR) vision or as popularly known the night vision is the one that captures clear images even in low light or no light at night. This feature is available in majority of the CCTV cameras from the basic analogue camera to the IP camera, which makes the CCTV camera systems more reliable.
  3. Integration with smartphone – Remote monitoring is one of the greatest boons to the security industry. The smartphone integration feature allows you to connect your CCTV camera system to your personal mobile phone. With the help of this you can view the captured data anytime on your phone and get updates on any kind of suspicious activities being caught on the camera.
  4. Two-way interaction – The technology of CCTV cameras has moved forward from providing mere video recordings. Now it incorporates medium that allows you to interact with the person on the other side of the camera. For instance, if there is an unknown visitor at your door you can communicate with him before opening the door through the camera and decide to give access or not.
  5. 360-egree field view – Capturing the images of a person or area exactly in front of the CCTV camera is not enough anymore. Now the latest trend is the wider the view, the better is the technology. Many CCTV cameras provide 130-degree view that is fair enough. Although, the introduction of 360-degree wide view as up the game to a different level.

Be it the High-definition camera or IP camera, each of the technology aims at providing its customers with a security that is highly reliable. Stay tuned to get updates about the upcoming technologies in security system industry.

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